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Nov 17 th - Jan 05 th is pleased to present a group exhibition of ten contemporary Chinese artists who have shaped, continue to change, and influence contemporary Chinese art. Born between 1972 and 1985, each of these artists, in their own way, transform the methods learned in their formal academic training, and question what is the meaning of living in the contemporary Chinese society and their place within it.
Conveying a new image of an ever-evolving society, these artists comment on critical changes in the 21st century through a lens that explores their own vision of China and their individual place within a globalized world. The notion of space is a key theme within the works in the exhibition. Through artistic experimentation, these artists engage with their materials, creating temporal experiences for the viewer. The works in the exhibition reorganize and heighten spaces, inviting the viewer to explore the self through a redefinition of and a new understanding of space. They all, in their own way, represent China’s present and future.





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