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Oct 06 th - Nov 15 th is delighted to present, for the first time, a show of furniture design, visual art, and creativity from top-talents across the country. 
Just like contemporary art in China, two decades ago, few would have imagined the amazing revolution taking place in Chinese design today. To celebrate this amazing transformation of art and design taking place in China today, and to coincide with Beijing Design week, we have selected some of the most distinctive, cutting-edge designed artworks that are somehow tied to the idea of  ‘material form’.  Materials, the building blocks of all creation, have their own distinctive characteristics, manifestations, and possibilities, even if, in the case of many of these artworks, they are reimagined in completely new ways. Whether in wood, stainless steel, ceramic, oil paint, or watercolor, these selected works of art pay homage to more traditional Chinese aesthetics, yet are imbued with the artistry, sensibility, and whimsy of a new age.  
Sun Tao, Shi Dayu, Xiao Tianyu, Sun Wentao and Zhang Zhoujie are some of the biggest talents in Chinese contemporary design today. Their highlighted designs tend to be reinterpretations of classical Chinese furniture, yet they effortlessly blend with modern, international interiors. By exploiting the natural qualities of the materials they work with, they are able to discover new possibilities in form, creating works that are both poetic and practical. Similarly, visual artists Li Rui, Li Tingting and Zhao Meng create paintings and sculpture that somehow transform the idea of material reality and time. Their work focuses on ancient forms and natural patterns, which they too transform and reimagine to create works that bridge the past and present. 
Together, the work of these eight talented artists is as timely as it is timeless. We invite you to explore and enjoy!





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