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Jul 02 nd - Aug 09 th
This landmark exhibition will show the artist’s watercolor on paper works painted across the past ten years, which are displayed in public for the first time. It is a continuation of Lui Chun Kwong’s abstract landscape painting series “Yi Liu Shan Shui”, which focuses on his investigation into the foundations of painting, over a span of twenty years. Indeed, Lui Chun Kwong moved back to Hong Kong in the early 90’s after gaining familiarity with the concurrent languages of western art during time spent in New York and London.

This series aims to capture the primordial forces of Nature within the boundaries of the canvas. The use of watercolor manifests an even stronger contrast between the controllability of the brush stroke and the spontaneity of the flow, which as well represents the correlations between his belief that painting is a daily practice ruled by a meticulous repetition of process and the myriad variations in life.





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