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Apr 02 nd - May 14 th

An exhibition of 6 artists born between 1975 to 1987, exploring how traditional imagery is being used by Chinese artists born post Cultural Revolution. The artworks, across various media, focus on objects, gestures and scenarios present in everyday life, and on how the artists, living in a globalised world, interpret them. The central question for these artists is the meaning of an image, starting from the process of image-making all the way to its interpretation. How can the basic necessities and objects of life be drawn into an artwork? How do we make everyday life items the subject matter of an artistic practice? Painting for these artists is another way to experience the world they are a witness of every day, and how it evolves. All trained in the best schools in China, they use their traditional painting skills in order to create an authentic, yet extremely powerful narrative and visual experience.





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