, is hosting a landmark exhibition at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, official partner of Art Basel, bringing together some of the most important artists from China and Hong Kong across generations. The featured works are all generously loaned from private collectors, enabling rare access to pieces otherwise unavailable for public appreciation. Exhibiting artists include Gao Weigang, Hou Yong, Lee Kit, Li Shurui, Shang Yixin, Wang Guangle, Wang Keping, Wang Yuyang, Ming Wong, Xie Molin, Xu Qu, Xu Zhen by MadeIn Company, Yang Xinguang, and Zhao Zhao.
curator: is pleased to present a group exhibition of ten contemporary Chinese artists who have shaped, continue to change, and influence contemporary Chinese art. Born between 1972 and 1985, each of these artists, in their own way, transform the methods learned in their formal academic training, and question what is the meaning of living in the contemporary Chinese society and their place within it.   Conveying a new image of an ever-evolving society, these artists comment on critical changes in the 21st century through a lens that explores their own vision of China and their individual place within a globalized world. The notion of space is a key theme within the works in the exhibition. Through artistic experimentation, these artists engage with their materials, creating temporal experiences for the viewer. The works in the exhibition reorganize and heighten spaces, inviting the viewer to explore the self through a redefinition of and a new understanding of space. They all, in their own way, represent China’s present and future.
curator: is delighted to present, for the first time, a show of furniture design, visual art, and creativity from top-talents across the country.    Just like contemporary art in China, two decades ago, few would have imagined the amazing revolution taking place in Chinese design today. To celebrate this amazing transformation of art and design taking place in China today, and to coincide with Beijing Design week, we have selected some of the most distinctive, cutting-edge designed artworks that are somehow tied to the idea of  ‘material form’.  Materials, the building blocks of all creation, have their own distinctive characteristics, manifestations, and possibilities, even if, in the case of many of these artworks, they are reimagined in completely new ways. Whether in wood, stainless steel, ceramic, oil paint, or watercolor, these selected works of art pay homage to more traditional Chinese aesthetics, yet are imbued with the artistry, sensibility, and whimsy of a new age.     Sun Tao, Shi Dayu, Xiao Tianyu, Sun Wentao and Zhang Zhoujie are some of the biggest talents in Chinese contemporary design today. Their highlighted designs tend to be reinterpretations of classical Chinese furniture, yet they effortlessly blend with modern, international interiors. By exploiting the natural qualities of the materials they work with, they are able to discover new possibilities in form, creating works that are both poetic and practical. Similarly, visual artists Li Rui, Li Tingting and Zhao Meng create paintings and sculpture that somehow transform the idea of material reality and time. Their work focuses on ancient forms and natural patterns, which they too transform and reimagine to create works that bridge the past and present.    Together, the work of these eight talented artists is as timely as it is timeless. We invite you to explore and enjoy!
curator: Tiffany Wai-Ying Beres
This landmark exhibition will show the artist’s watercolor on paper works painted across the past ten years, which are displayed in public for the first time. It is a continuation of Lui Chun Kwong’s abstract landscape painting series “Yi Liu Shan Shui”, which focuses on his investigation into the foundations of painting, over a span of twenty years. Indeed, Lui Chun Kwong moved back to Hong Kong in the early 90’s after gaining familiarity with the concurrent languages of western art during time spent in New York and London.This series aims to capture the primordial forces of Nature within the boundaries of the canvas. The use of watercolor manifests an even stronger contrast between the controllability of the brush stroke and the spontaneity of the flow, which as well represents the correlations between his belief that painting is a daily practice ruled by a meticulous repetition of process and the myriad variations in life.
curator: Wang Xin
Artshare is proud to present a group exhibition from June 5 to July 2 of nine emerging and established Chinese artists: Sun Xun, Liang Pinghu, Liang Yue, Guo Hongwei, Wang Xiaoqu, Pan Xiaorong, Wan Yang, Zhang Ruyi and Liu Ren, focusing on the medium of paper.   Paper, a Chinese invention, is arguably the most traditional medium of artistic creation, offering a wide range of possibilites for artists. Nevertheless, it had often been overlooked in favour of painting and canvas. This exhibition aims to present how the new generation of Chinese artists is using this medium, in its various forms, to express their inspirations, both as a continuation and break from tradition.   From Pan Xiaorong’s cutted cardboards covered in ink, through Zhang Ruyi’s stiff and abstract figures from the natural world, all the way to Sun Xun, blurring the lines between drawing and painting, incorporating a wide array of materials into his works, each artist of this exhibition uses paper in its own, distictinve form and language   Artshare is happy to present a group exhibition from June 4 to July 2, focusing on the medium of paper, by nine emerging and established Chinese artists: Sun Xun, Liang Pinghu, Liang Yue, Guo Hongwei, Wang Xiaoqu, Pan Xiaorong, Wang Yan, Zhang Ruyi and Liu Ren.  
An exhibition of 6 artists born between 1975 to 1987, exploring how traditional imagery is being used by Chinese artists born post Cultural Revolution. The artworks, across various media, focus on objects, gestures and scenarios present in everyday life, and on how the artists, living in a globalised world, interpret them. The central question for these artists is the meaning of an image, starting from the process of image-making all the way to its interpretation. How can the basic necessities and objects of life be drawn into an artwork? How do we make everyday life items the subject matter of an artistic practice? Painting for these artists is another way to experience the world they are a witness of every day, and how it evolves. All trained in the best schools in China, they use their traditional painting skills in order to create an authentic, yet extremely powerful narrative and visual experience.
curator: proudly presents a selection of 13 important contemporary ink works from a leading Asian private collection, featuring four pioneering figures in contemporary ink born between 1945 and 1962. This exhibition presents works by Gu Wenda, Wang Chuan, Wang Dongling and Zhang Hao. Each of these masters reinterprets traditional ink art with a revolutionary response that fundamentally changes our understanding of contemporary ink today.
curator: presents a selection of 18 rare photography works from a pioneering private collection of contemporary Chinese art. Featuring eight important artists born between 1957 and 1971. Ranging from the early 1990s to mid 2000s, the works presented allow us to discover, with a unique perspective, the development of Chinese photography during the formative years of avant-garde art and the societal changes in China. Photography, a medium often under-looked in China, is gaining again strong interest and momentum, especially for such historical works. Other editions and similar photographs of the works exhibited with are part of the renowned Guy and Myriam Ullens Collection of Chinese contemporary art, and went under the hammer at the Sotheby’s Hong Kong Contemporary Asian Art Sale in April and October 2014, for record prices.
curator: presents a selection of twelve works from a distinguished private collection, featuring some of Zheng Guogu’s most well-known pieces, significant in the historical context of the artist’s career, and Chinese contemporary art. Zheng Guogu is considered to be one of the most important members of a new generation of Chinese artists after the avant-garde movement of the 1980s.
An intimate selection of works from prviate collection by Wang Keping and Yang Jiechang, whose lives and careers in France have casted a profound effect on their artistic practices. At the 50th anniversary of the establishment of French-Chinese diplomatic relations, this exhibition explores ways in which these two important artists have been influenced by their new Western environment, while referring back to their Chinese traditions. 
curator: proudly presents its new exhibition “Cold Ink”, curated by Tiffany Beres, an expert curator whose research focuses on modern and contemporary ink art. The exhibition presents nine artists: seven from the Cold Ink movement, and two well established masters, who acted as their mentors. With a history spanning two millennia, ink painting is one of China’s oldest and most respected art forms. Nonetheless, events of the past half-century – from the Cultural Revolution to China’s Open Door Policy – have fundamentally altered the course of this treasured artistic medium.
View Catalogue  View Exhibition 
View Curator's Video 
curator: Tiffany Beres is proud to collaborate with acclaimed curator Leo Xu to present an in depth selection of four important Chinese artists and collectives. Leo Xu has been recognised as one of the most talented curators in China, who has an exceptional ability of scouting many of the most promising emerging artists in China. Over the past decade, he has devoted his career in nurturing these young artistic talents and curated key exhibitions to highlight their remarkable works of art.
curator: Leo Xu proudly announces its new exhibition ‘Another Light’, featuring a selection of outstanding emerging artists from China. All born between 1977-87, the ten artists presented graduated from the top art schools in the Mainland, and have shown at leading international galleries as well as featured in key museums around the world. Many have also been selected to participate in the critically acclaimed ON/OFF exhibition at the Ullens Centre of Contemporary Art in 2013. ‘Another Light’ is curated by Roberto Ceresia, Founder and Director of Aike-Dellarco, Shanghai. We would also like to thank Antenna Space and White Space for their support and collaboration.
curator: Roberto Ceresia announces its first show of Hong Kong artists, proudly presenting exceptional works from the key figures shaping Hong Kong’s contemporary art scene, which has been gaining increasing attention globally by collectors and museums in the past years.   The fifteen artworks presented are across media and include painting, photography, sculptures and installations. The classic works featured are representational of each artist’s careers and serve as vivid references of their impressive level of skill, concept and creativity. “Resistance” considers the specificities of Hong Kong art vis-à-vis China and the international art world. Art critic Caroline Ha Thuc, who recently wrote a comprehensive book on the topic, carefully curated the exhibition.   
View Catalogue  View Exhibition 
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curator: Caroline Ha Thuc
Lu Xinjian, born in 1977 in China’s Jiangsu Province, makes us think about each city we believe we know in a completely novel way. Mastering new technology and media, Lu’s work is a product of the global world. Using commonplace tools such as computers and the internet, he offers commentary on everyday life and makes us question the way we live. In his groundbreaking series, “City DNA”, started in 2009, Lu uses Google Earth to retrieve a satellite view of a city or neighborhood and simplifies the topography into basic geometric shapes on his computer.Works of specific cities can also be commissioned.
curator: Shasha Liu
A solo show of the acclaimed artist Tang Song in collaboration with C1 Art. Tang Song's career and life are intertwined with key events in China's recent history, and the Chinese contemporary art scene. His Works are sought after by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable collectors across continents.
curator: Szewan Leung
In Post-Politics, Artshare presents with insight a curated selection of young Chinese artists, who it believes hold the potential of becoming the defining leaders of the next generation.  Eleven artworks by seven artists born between 1968 and 1984 who demonstrate an impressive level of technical skill, creativity, and maturity across medium and style.
curator: Mona Chu
Artshare’s first exhibition features ten of the most historically important Chinese contemporary artists, from Li Shan (b.1942) to Qiu Zhijie (b.1969), whose lives and careers span across three continents: Asia, Europe and the Americas, providing a unique and global perspective on what defines a Chinese artist. The show presents some of their most sought-after works, from 1985 to 2007, with prices ranging from US$10,000 to US$200,000. Curated through an inside/outside lens, the exhibition explores the influence of the cultural environment on these artists’ work, in a period when their homeland was undergoing radical changes. Each art piece will be available for viewing and sale online from 22 April.    
curator: Amy Wood





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