Shanyan Koder
Founder and Director of Hua Gallery

Shanyan Koder is Founder and Director of Hua Gallery in London. Originally from Hong Kong, Shanyan developed a passion for fine art from a young age and has been a private collector for over a decade. Prior to opening Hua gallery, Shanyan read English and Law at the University of Cambridge and has worked at Goldman Sachs and Sotheby's. 

Shanyan is also a private art advisor and Founder and Director of Shanyan Koder Fine Art. In recent years, Shanyan has had the pleasure of providing a tailored and independent fine art service to new and established collectors, assisting them in building and maintaining their collections. Shanyan currently spends her time between London and Hong Kong with her husband and four children, where she continues her work as collector, gallerist, and private art advisor.

March 21, 2014

Hua Gallery has opened a solo exhibition of Zhuang Hongyi, Blossom: the Art of Zhuang Hongyi. The gallery will also be participating in Art Paris Art Fair from 26 until 30 of March.

A bit about art and me

Art is important in my life, because...
 it enhances my relationship with the world

Art goes best with... imagination and sensitivity

Three words that best describe art according to you... powerful, inspiring, meaningful

An art exhibition you have enjoyed recently... Han Bing’ s ‘Reversed Dreamscapes’

Best city to go to for art... London

Your favorite museum in the world... National Gallery London

The artist you would like to have lunch with... Gao Brothers

The artwork you’d like to have hanging in your living room... One of Lu Xinjian’s intriguing cityscapes

Chinese contemporary art for you is... an exciting space for dialogue and confrontation

Something I would like to share

Han Bing’s photographic series ‘Urban Amber’ portray charming images reminiscent of impressionist paintings. These photographs are also profoundly recalling the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism, according to which men was harmoniously fused with nature. In this work the artist encapsulates scenes of this era of frenzied construction, where the stunning reverie of urbanisation is intermingled with the destruction of the environment. Engaging with major environmental and ecological issues, Han Bing creates images that are both atmospheric and dense. They exude the beauty of a mirage while also bearing the detritus of time. As a result a wide range of colours and hues is intermingled within a well-balanced composition which is both recalling the traditional Chinese landscape painting while also revealing a modern flavour.


I am inspired by beauty and love everything fancy and fabulous.

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