Ai Jing

A household name in China, Ai Jing is a singer-songwriter who enjoyed a highly successful career in the 90s. She produced five albums of her own music as well as a number of EP albums and singles. Her Mandarin songs broke records for overseas sales and she staged several successful concert performances in Japan and other countries.

In 1999, Ai Jing took up painting, and in 2007 she began to take part in art exhibitions as a professional artist. She held her first solo individual exhibition at the Today Art Museum in Beijing in 2008, and in 2009 she participated in a joint art exhibition at the Chinasquare Images Gallery in New York. In 2012, she held the first edition of her touring solo exhibition 'Love AIJING: The Love of Aijing' in Beijing at the National Museum of China in Beijing. It subsequently travelled to China Art Museum in Shanghai in 2014, and the third edition will take place at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, Italy in 2015.

Oct. 24, 2014

Art is important in my life, because…

Of “Time”, “Time” is always important to me. I think “Time” tells everything.

An artist is a good artist, if he/she is…

Creates work of art that speaks to people as an art work is an extension of the artist’s creativity, no matter if the artist is alive or dead, his artworks still carries his vision.

Art is important in my life, because…

Art is changing the way we see the world… in a beautiful way.

Art goes best with…


Three words that best describe art according to you

For me “COLOR”, “COMPOSITION” and “MEANING” best describe art.

An art exhibition you have enjoyed recently

“PRIMA MATERIA” exhibition at Punta della Dogana in Venice, Italy

Your favourite museum in the world

MOMA, MET and New Museum in New York, MORI Museum in Japan

Best city to go to for art

New York

An artist (dead or alive) you would like to have lunch with

Mark Rothko

Where do you find inspirations in creating your works?

I find my inspiration from my travels where i have seen so many things by visiting Museums watching artworks, strolling in street fairs and meeting people.

From your personal experiences, what is your advice to someone who is looking to start his/ her collection, and young collectors? 

It is a passion to create a collection of diverse artworks, artists and art styles that would define your taste and vision. You must like every pieces you acquired and believe they are worth it.

Can you tell us about one of your favourite artists?

Anish Kapoor is one of my favorite artists, his works transcend his eastern beauty and he is also the one that really enjoy his artworks, they are like toys between the sky and the earth.


My first time in Paris was in 1994, I went to visit the Louvre Museum and the Pompidou Center for Contemporary Art on the same day, that day these two visits opened my eyes like a new door opened to me and from there I started my journey on art. Since I went to London and New York, I found my place in New York and realized that art would be part of my life forever.

From 1999 I started my painting study with artist Zhang Xiaogangin his studio in Beijing, I am glad that my teacher never asked me to start with sketches but instead to create my imagination on the canvas.

After 16 years of study and work I found out that an artwork is all about chasing the light.

Music feels like the light of the Moon, visual art works carries the power of the Sun.

I believe art is everything before everything.

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