Charlotte Chen
Co-founder of Spottly

Charlotte is the co-founder of social travel mobile application, Spottly, as well as the founder of EMPYR&CO, a boutique fashion business consultancy that specialises in helping emerging designers to enter the Asian market. Always an avid traveller and culture lover, Charlotte holds a strong affiliation with fasion and art. Charlotte has contributed in various major publications, notably the ELLE magazine and Vogue China.

June 19, 2014

A bit about art and me

Art is important in my life, because…
It makes my mind blow up and picking up my brain splatter back together gives me new ideas and inspirations for both work and leisure

Art goes best with…
 Silence and a clutter free / vacant mind

Three words that best describe art according to you... Swirling, Between, Reality + Unreality

An art exhibition you have enjoyed recently... Whitney Biennial 2014, last exhibition held in the Upper East Side location

Best city to go to for art... New York City

Your favorite museum in the world... It really depends on what’s on exhibition, but the architecture of the Guggenheim for Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle was probably my favorite

The artist you would like to have lunch with... Matthew Barney, cause he’s beyond insane

If you were an artist, who would you like to be... I don’t think I’d want to be an artist, I’d probably wallow myself in mud and start throwing paint at people. I’ll drive everyone mad! I love everyone too much to let them suffer that way

The artwork you’d like to have hanging in your living room... Francis Bacon’s Triptych Series 
Shadi Ghadirian’s “Like Every Day” Series 
Testusya Ishida Japanese everyday life stuff 
Yang Yong Liang’s Heavenly Cities In the Sky Series

Chinese contemporary art for you is… Full of surprises and I’ve found many contemporary artists that I admire. I wish to see more boundary pushing artist like Zhuang Huan (His Family Tree series blows my mind)  


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