Pan Xiaorong (潘小荣)

Born in Yichun (China) in 1985, Pan Xiaorong graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. Currently living and working in Shanghai, he has held various solo exhibitions across China - including at Hangzhou's HDM Gallery, and Shanghai's Am Art Center, M Art Center, and Himalayas Museum of Art. Pan's work has also been part of notable international group exhibitions such as Big Draft - Shanghai Contemporary Art from the Sigg Collection by the Museum of Fine Arts in Berne (Switzerland) and Seven Young Artists by Beijing Commune in 2010, (Mis)Perception by Galerie Paul Freches (Paris) in 2012, and Arts on Paper by Space Station (Shanghai) in 2014. 


Being from the young generation born after the '85s, Pan Xiarong's work is seld-possessed and rational - but at the same time filled with passion to communicate with its viewers. The artist produces abstract works by cutting lines into cardboards previously covered with ink, resulting in what seem to be monochrome paintings structured by geometric lines at first sight. Pan's art plays with the viewers perception, creating the illusion of a vibratory movement as well as tension between abstract coldness and sensuality.






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