Liang Yue (梁玥)

Liang Yue was born in Shanghai in 1979. She graduated from the Shanghai Art Academy in 2001. Today she lives and works in Shanghai. Liang Yue’s photographic work negotiates the complex symbolic terrain between exteriority and interiority, memory and reality, and the public and the private. Her open-ended series of photos Several Dusks (2003) and Lily’s Afternoon (2003) focus on moments drawn from ordinary life, yet a sense of foreboding pervades all of them. Liang Yue observes and elaborates on a uniquely ambiguous, uneasy assortment of Shanghai’s public space, but with a detached and remote viewpoint.

Recent exhibitions include The Thirteen: Chinese Video Now, PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, New York, USA (2006), China Contemporary – Architecture, Art and Visual Culture, Netherlands Photomuseum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2006), Restless – Photography and New Media, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China (2006), Stop Dazing, BizArt, Shanghai, China (2005), Conceptual Photography from the Peoples Republic of China, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver/Colorado, USA, and China Now, MoMA Film at the Gramercy Theatre, New York, USA (2004).






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