Wang Xiaoqu (张晓曲)

Born in Guilin, China in 1987, Wang Xiaoqu graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Selected group exhibitions include Huangjueping Contemporary Art Gallery in Chongqing (2012), Poly World Trade Center in Guangzhou (2013), Time Art Musuem in Beijing (2014) and Aike-Dellarco in Shanghai (2014).

Wang Xiaoqu creates stories and narratives with stylistic influences from theatre, comic books and other sources. Her works are inspired by her own experience as a photographer and reflects on how daily images registered in our mind or seen in news can transform our perception of reality into a grotesque and surreal world, creating a raw visual experience. Images are elaborated in order to impress onto the canvas the laughable relationships among human beings and the effect of overexposure and other photographic means into the realm of painting. The result is an exaggeration of forms and a black-humorous chronicle of daily events, where her characters act almost as sculptural elements within the frame of Wang’s expressionistic canvases.






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