Rong Rong (荣荣)

“Rong Rong belongs to the famous generation of artists that represents the birth of experiment art in China. After the Yuan Mingyuan was shut down by the authorities in the early 90’s, different artists of this avant-garde art community scattered to different parts of Beijing. Rong Rong belonged to the core of a group which settles in the ‘East Village’. Today the ‘East Village is better known as Da Shanzi or 798 Factory Art District and is considered to be the most dynamic art zone in China. Rong Rong is known for documenting the unique life-style of the East Village community with famous landmark performances such as Zhang Huan’s ‘12 Square Meters Head’ (1994). Rong Rong’s photographs are an autobiography of a certain lifestyle as well as landscape of Beijing. Images of dilapidated buildings, bleak walls, rubble and dust are a metaphor of the collapse and reconstruction of a modern identity and state of mind. The parallel between architectural and human transformations carries a lyrical sentiment which highlights and distinguishes Rong Rong’s work as a landmark in Chinese contemporary photography.”

- The DSL Book, editor Helen Lee

Born in Fujian, China in 1968, Rong Rong has exhibited at major public and private institutions, such as ICA London (1999), Singapore Art Museum (2001), Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (2004), Musee Art Contemporain, Lyon (2004), Kunstmuseum Bern (2005), Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai (2008) and Brussels Art Museum (2009). His works have been acquired by Museum of Modern Art, Getty Museum, Myriam Guy Ullens Foundation, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and Mori Art Museum and other distinguished public and private institutions. In 2007, Rong Rong and his wife Inri, a Japanese photographer, established Three Shadows Photography Art Centre. It is the first non-profit contemporary art space dedicated to photography and video art in China.






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