Li Sa (李飒)

Originally from Henan Province, in his youth, Li Sa was trained in traditional ink painting techniques; however, after studying at the Beijing Central Academy’s Material and Expression Studio in the Department of Chinese Painting, he began to realize that the ink painting language alone was no longer adequate to reflect the his contemporary living experience. Working as a part time professor and artist in Beijing, Li Sa’s geometric abstract painting draws together elements from his training in Chinese painting and his daily life. Today, the artist creates in a number of media, such as acrylic, gold and silver foil, and ink on raw canvas to produce his desired effect. Li Sa’s works can be found in the public collections of the Macau Art Museum, the Zhejiang Provincial Museum, the Chongqing Art Museum, the Henan Provincial Museum, the Shenzhen Guan Shanyue Art Museum, the Shanxi Provincial Museum, the Chengdu Museum of Modern Art, the Hilton Hotel, Beijing, and the Park Hyatt, Ningbo.






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