Zhang Jungang (张君钢) & Li Jie (李洁)

Active online in the past decade, photography duo Zhang Jungang & Li Jie sees creating as part of their daily routines. The duo carries a camera anywhere they go to capture fleeting moments in life that are otherwise lost to memories, whatever it may be. Most works are photographed by a 135 film camera, and the duo limits editing to basic editing techniques, as they claim that advanced methods are beyond their understanding. Zhang Jugang & Li Jie’s art is spontaneous, earnest and highly personal that successfully blurs the boundaries between the intentional and the accidental. The works are alike to a volume of photographic essays and stories that celebrate the youth and love.

Zhang Jungang and Li Jie are born in 1980 in Harbin, China and in 1975 in Shanghai, China respectively. Notable exhibitions including Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China (2005), 6th Annual San Francisco Photographic Art Exposition, San Francisco, USA (2006) and Chambers Fine Art, Beijing, China (2008). They were awarded as Photographer of the Year in Lianzhou Foto Festival in 2010. The couple and photography duo now lives and works in Harbin, China.






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