Hou Yong (候勇)

Born in 1976 in Beijing, China, Hou Yong graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing in 1999. His practice consistently seeks to discover the best possible method to express the self through painting. He has devoted his efforts to the 'Water' series for the past few years. It is through these almost colourless paintings that Hou Yong searches for form and ways to portray it. Hou Yong further develops his artistic language in latter series, where he portrays different corners of households and other familiar settings, as seen in paintings such as 'Shutter Door', 'Window' and 'Living Room'.

Hou Yong has exhibited widely, including at The National Art Museum of China, Beijing (2003), New Millennium Gallery, Beijing (2005), Today Art Museum, Beijing (2006), Ke Center for the Contemporary Arts, Shanghai (2007), A4 Contemporary Art Center, Chengdu (2009), Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing (2011), Shanghai Sculpture Space, Shanghai (2011), Saamlung Gallery, Hong Kong (2012) and Gallery Beijing Space, Beijing (2013). Notable solo exhibitions including ‘Living Room’ (2013) at Tang Contemporary Art in Beijing and ‘Hou Yong Solo Exhibition’ (2012) at Space Station, Beijing.






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