Carol Lee (李美娟)

Born in Hong Kong in 1963, Carol Lee Mei Kuen received a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) with distinction from RMIT University in 2002 and a Master of Arts (Fine Art) in 2008. 

Like many Hong Kong artists, Lee likes to at the rhythm of a relaxed daily routine in opposition to the usual stress of our everyday lives. Neither time nor light have material form but thanks to them we can see and interact with the people and things around us; we can observe their changes and, eventually, their disappearance. Lee uses the two invisible forms of time and light in her work to give visible form to memory. She began to use this procedure in 2006 for her work Under-Layers. Each day she made a drawing on newspaper and hung the sheet on the wall of her studio. After six months, the sheets had been turned different hues of yellow by the light. Under-Layers is a sort of personal diary of the artist's thoughts and moods that marked the passage of time during that period. For Lee the sheets were not only a visual journal but a way to measure and collect time. 

She works with primary elements like fire, paper and wax; her works are evocative of silence, breath, and the sound of the wind that raises the scarves that she places in the sun.

Lee’s work is collected by overseas and local Museums, Foundations and private collections.






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