Leung Chi Wo (梁志和)& Sara Wong

Born in 1968 in Hong Kong, Leung Chi Wo studied the complex relations that exist between reality and its perception, working on both oral and visual language.

He studied both in Belgium and Italy and hold a MFA at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He learned sculptural techniques but was always attracted by photography as a metaphor of the world and a form of vision. He was especially interested by the different ways in which a single thing can be perceived and the divisions that can arise between what really exists, our expectations and our perceptions. He also studied anthropology, which stimulated his interest in research, history and knowing others.

Like other artists of his generation, Leung Chi Wo did not study the history of Hong Kong and knows very little about it. Recognising this lack, he devoted time to studying the city, often discovering it on foot, taking photographs and making sketches. 






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