Kwan Sheung Chi (关尚智)

Born in Hong Kong in 1980, Kwan obtained a third honour B.A. degree in Fine Art from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2003. In addition to his studio practice, he co-found the Hong Kong Arts Discovery Channel (HKADC) in 2009, a web-based channel which aims to promote critical discourse through interviews with artists, curators, critics and the audiences. He is also a founding member of local art groups, focusing on experimental practicing of art in relation to local politics, social issues and communities. In 2009, he has been awarded the Starr Foundation Fellowship from the Asian Cultural Council to take part in an international residency program in New York, USA.

Kwan offers a pointed reflection on the trends of capitalist society with a distant and amused eye. He enjoys capturing our reflexes and habits founded on the desire for accumulation and our characteristic and often senseless behaviour. He works with very simple materials as well as producing performances and short videos in which he himself is featured. Like most Hong Kong artists, his critique is indirect: it is not his goal to change society, nor does he believe that it is an artist's job to make it happen; he is a simple citizen and, as such, feels duty bound to respect the values that he has fixed for himself. In 2008, he decided not to sell any of his artworks for 3 years. However, he broke and auctioned the statement during his solo show “No matter. Try again. Fail again.” in October 2009.






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