Zhu Xinyu (朱新宇)

Born in Haicheng, Liaoning Province, Zhu Xinyu graduated from Lu Xun Fine Arts Academy. Northeastern China is where he was born, raised and educated. There remain numerous traces of industrial civilization, perhaps because of the vast land mass the area contains or because it used to be the hub of heavy industry in China. Zhu Xinyu usually takes immense interest in nature and old building spaces. Born in 1980, he has never been through any significant social scenes and life has been carefree. However, his visual experience still brings such elements into his artistic expressions. In his artistic system, site and space are only visual adoptions while the release of emotions the main thread. Calm and tranquil on the surface, his works are in fact huge emotional receptacles.

The artist is extremely sensitive to art. In his creations, be they mediocre or weird, concrete notions and styles are very hard to come by. Instead they always reveal some kind of indescribable emotions. His work generally begins in a very casual manner that defies prediction about its ultimate shape. Throughout the entire creative process, the artist makes his way in accordance with his spontaneous feelings and memories. Seen from a particular point in time, his works get into a historical, an anamnestic or a spontaneous space, through continuous traversing and superposition, embracing layer upon layer uncertain scenes and often hinting at a sense of prying about that invites conjecture. His work has an appeal that stems from time and space disparity, which is precisely the result of emotional indulgence and leap.






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