Li Shan (李珊)

Li Shan was born in Lanxi County in Heilongjiang province and graduated from the Shanghai Academy of Drama in 1968. He currently lives in Shanghai. 

Li Shan is a widely recognized leader of the Political Pop movement that emerged in China after 1990. His colorful, Warhol-like portraits of Mao and soldiers wearing lipstick have brought him to the international scene as one of the most talented painters of his generation.

Through his uncannily realistic representation of interspecies insects, Li Shan questions the hypocrisy and lack of equality of human values in today's politically informed bio-scientific experiments. He raises the question of whether it is still possible to identify the boundaries between any particular organism and the world it inhabits. All the works evoke a tension within the idea of the yet unknown. He manages to reconcile opposites in a way that leaves them un-reconciled, allowing viewers to reach their own conclusions. 

Li Shan's work has been exhibited in many important exhibitions around the world.







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