Lee Kit (李傑)

Lee Kit was born in Hong Kong in 1978. After studying Masters degree in Fine Art at the Chinese University of Hong Kong until 2008, he began participating in a wide variety of exhibitions both in Hong Kong and elsewhere. In 2013 he was selected to represent Hong Kong at the Venice Biennale. With increasing international attention, Lee participated in the 12th Sharjah Biennale (United Arab Emirates) in 2015, and he continues to be active with solo exhibitions planned for 2016 at the S.M.A.K. Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent, Belgium and at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, United States.

Lee Kit’s art practices aim to intertwine the boundaries between art and daily life. His works range from painted fabrics, installations that enclose paintings, ready-made objects, video projections, and performative works that address seemingly ordinary daily rituals, concerned with redefining how we identify with the everyday. Lee Kit’s novel environments are rendered through ready-made objects and the use of his signature cardboard-paintings. Merging with video-projections, they establish a silent dialogue amongst equals that adds a further dimension to the artist’s practice. Through a measured and subtle approach to his mediums, Lee Kit offers a model of resistance to constraint, be it existential, political or social (source: Aike Dellarco Gallery)






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