Ma Sibo (马思博)

Ma Sibo (b.1979) graduated from Tianjin Fine Arts Institute and received degrees from the School of Fine Arts in Toulon and Nîmes. He draws from two traditions: the hazy atmosphere of his paintings is reminiscent of Impressionism, while the fluidity and rhythm of his brush recalls the gesture of Chinese ink masters. The subject matter of his paintings are inspired by sights he has seen: wandering through Beijing, where he lives and works, he takes photographs of hidden corners amongst the buildings, sheltered from the frenetic energy of the city. Plays of light and haziness, obtained by an astonishing manipulation of his materials in gradation, create a strange effect that blankets the banal scenes and spaces. His principle references in painting are the great masters of Impressionism, Mark Rothko, for his fluidity of colors and the “silence” of his large colored surfaces, and Edward Hopper, for his piercing light and representations of the loneliness of urban life.






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